Toronto Blue Jays – May 20

A day after my first game of the season in Toronto, I was set for game #2. This time, the opponent would be the Astros in both teams’ first interleague game of the season.

I bought a ticket in the 100 Level of the outfield of Rogers Centre:

And lined up first to get in. I was first in line:

When the gates opened 40 minutes later, I once again rushed to look for BP balls, but there were none to be found today. At the conclusion of BP, I took a tour around to look at the Jays team shop:

Then, grabbed the usual Quaker Steak & Lube basket of wings. They’re overpriced at $11 (what isn’t in Toronto?) but they’re delicious. You get 10 wings and seven of my 10 were drummettes, so there was lots to eat:

Meanwhile, Jo-Jo Reyes was in pursuit of his first win since 2008, and was pitching well:

He left with a lead, but Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco each laid eggs in relief, and the Jays managed to lose against one of the worst teams in baseball. Ugh.

Though the game ended on a low note, there was nothing that could dampen my excitement. In the morning, I would get up and drive to Lansing, MI, to watch the Jays A-ball team, the Lansing Lugnuts.

Check back soon to read about that adventure.

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