John Smoltz bobblehead

When I visited Lansing, MI last month to watch the Lugnuts game, it was one of the team’s three bobblehead giveaways. I’m not a bobblehead collector, but if there’s a cool giveaway during my road trip for The Ballpark Guide, I’ll try to make my schedule so that I can hit that ballpark that game.

One neat thing the Lugnuts do is keep the bobblehead identity fairly secret until a few days before the game. I say “fairly” secret, because the player’s identity wasn’t publicized on the team’s website until the week of the game.

Considering the Lugnuts are the Blue Jays A-ball affiliate, and I’m a Jays fan, I was excited to see which player it’d be, as some great Jays went through Lansing.

When future Hall of Famer and longtime Atlanta Braves hurler John Smoltz was announced as the guy on the bobblehead, I didn’t immediately see the connection. Eventually, I learned that he was born in Warren, MI and attended Waverly High School in Lansing.

Too bad it wasn’t a Jays player, but this is a unique collectible, too:

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