Ball of the Day – 4 of 4

If you’ve been reading my blog this week, you’ll likely have seen the three autographed balls I posted over the last three days.

Today, I’ve got a pretty cool ball that I got autographed at the Bowie Baysox game on June 26.

On the day of my visit, the team had an autograph day. Everyone but the day’s starting pitcher sat at tables throughout the concourse with Sharpies and pens in hand. I took a ball, started at one end of the line, and maybe 20 or 30 minutes later, I had 26 signatures.

There’s no point in listing all the guys; I got everyone on the roster at the time, plus the coaches. There are, however a few notable signatures. Below is the sweet spot, with manager Gary Kendall’s autograph right in the middle. Kendall was super nice; I was wearing my Aberdeen Ironbirds cap, and since he used to manage that team, we talked about Ripken Stadium a bit. The signature to the right of Kendall’s is Buck Britton, the brother of O’s pitcher Zach Britton. Why else is this noteworthy, you ask? Buck was selected 1,046 overall in 2008, and he’s hitting a combined .323 between A-class Frederick and AA Bowie this season. I love stories like that.

Here’s the next angle of the ball:

And another angle. Right in the middle of this ball is the signature of former MLB catcher Einar Diaz, who’s a coach with Bowie. Diaz played 11 seasons in the Bigs and was really friendly.

The fourth angle of my ball:

And, finally, the last shot. See the sig right at the very bottom? That’s Denny Hocking, the team’s hitting coach and a 13-year MLB vet. He also did broadcasting work for Fox Sports Radio, so you might recognize him from there.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this ball. It’s a little crammed, but it’s always cool to get a full team on one ball. I’m attending at least one more AA team autograph day this season, so I hope to repeat this success.

I’ll have more cool stuff to post soon, including details of my next trip and some awesome game-used memorabilia I picked up this summer. Check back soon!

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