Another Autographed Ball

Last week, I posted photos and short blog entries about four different autographed balls I obtained during my most recent ballpark road trip.

Today, I realized I still haven’t posted pictures of the ball I got signed during my visit to Dow Diamond to watch the Great Lakes Loons play back on May 22. If you haven’t read about that memorable trip, here’s my blog post about it.

On this ball, I got a total of eight different signatures. I’m not sure about the first two, but the next two in the image below are pitcher Bret Montgomery and outfield Bobby Coyle:

In this image, the sigs belong to 1B Blake Dean and another mystery guy:

Here, it’s another mystery guy:

And here, it’s pitcher Andrew Pevsner:

I know, it’s lame to not know a few of the signatures, but given the way players jump from team to team in the Minor Leagues, figuring these guys out is difficult. At least two of the guys whose signatures I obtained are no longer with the Loons, and it’s a huge task to go through the team’s transactions to see if a name lines up with one of these autographs.

That said, I’d love to know which guys I have. Does anyone out there know?

Finally, here’s one last image of the ball, alongside the giant Loons collectible cup I bought during my visit:

Hopefully, you’re not sick of seeing signed balls yet. But if you are, I’ve got a treat for everyone either tomorrow or Friday. It’s not signed, and it’s not a ball, but it’s definitely awesome. I’ll say game-used, and leave it at that … for now.

** UPDATE **

A couple hours after posting this entry, the Great Lakes Loons got in touch with me for information about the mystery autographs.

They tell  me the top autograph likely belongs to 2B Bryant Hernandez and the next one belongs to pitcher Michael Drowne.

The bottom sig on my second image above likely is that of Chris Jacobs or Chris Henderson, while the image below the “China” marking is former Loons closer Logan Bawcom.

A couple notes: Since I got Drowne’s autograph, he was sent down to the Pioneer League’s Ogden Raptors.

Bawcom, meanwhile, after putting up an impressive 4-1 record with 14 saves and 56 Ks in just 45.1 innings pitched with the Loons, was promoted to the California League’s Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.

Thanks to the Loons for the reply. They were awesome to deal with when I visited Dow Diamond, and I definitely hope to get back there some day.


  1. LoonsWassel

    Malcolm, The top signature looks like it could be Bryant Hernandez. The following one “25” was worn by Michael Drowne at the time. The next mystery guy is either Chris Jacobs or Chris Henderson. The third picture is Logan Bawcom for sure, our closer who we recently lost to promotion. Hope this helps! Please stop by Dow Diamond any time.

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