Wilson Ramos

I don’t normally make posts on baseball news, but felt compelled to share a quick comment on the scary Wilson Ramos situation.

If you’re following the story, you’ll know the Washington Nationals catcher was kidnapped in Venezuela earlier this week. As of today, authorities still don’t have much in the way of leads.

When I heard this news, I recalled Ramos’ name as a former member of the Minnesota Twins organization. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might recall my visit to Rochester for my website, TheBallparkGuide.com. I watched the AAA Red Wings play Indianapolis back on July 16, 2010 and Ramos served as the designated hitter for the Red Wings. I’d hoped to get his autograph prior to the game, but wasn’t able. In any case, I did get a photo of him; he’s on the far left:

I also saw Ramos on two occasions this past summer during my visit to Washington. I saw the Nats play a doubleheader on July 2 and a regular game on July 3; Ramos played in the second game of the twin bill and again on July 3, hitting a home run in the latter. Here’s a photo that includes Ramos and starter Jason Marquis during a mound visit:

I join with countless other baseball fans in hoping for a happy resolution to this sad story.

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