iPod Touch Travel Photos

When I travel for my website TheBallparkGuide.com, I take the bulk of my photos with my Canon. Occasionally, when it’s not convenient to use my camera, such as while driving (yikes) or when I want to tweet or email a photo immediately, I’ll use the camera in my iPod touch.

This past summer, I amassed a few dozen shots on my iPod that I thought are worth sharing. They don’t have the same resolution quality as those shot with my real camera, but they still help tell the tale of a great summer of baseball travel. So, let’s get started!

I snapped this photo of an interstate exit outside of Syracuse back on May 3. Is it just my sense of humor, or does the name “Tinker Tavern” sound a little shady?

That visit to Syracuse was a total fail. The game was rained out, which meant about seven hours’ driving time for naught. With time to kill, I visited a few sports stores in town and saw this sick Mizuno first baseman’s glove:

As I said, it was a pretty rainy day. It rained the whole way home, including on the bridge back to Canada:

My next baseball game had better results. I visited Toronto on May 19 and enjoyed this perfect view out my hotel window:

I stayed in town to watch the Jays against the Astros a day later. On my walk to Rogers Center, I took a couple photos, including the Renaissance Hotel and the statues up high on the stadium wall:

A few days later, I was in Midland, Michigan to watch the Great Lakes Loons. I arrived in town early, so I ate a little picnic on the grass outside Dow Diamond. If you discount the liter of liquid sugar behind the broccoli, it was a healthy lunch:

I also took the opportunity to photograph the two balls I’d gotten on the road trip — a Midwest League ball the night before in Lansing and a Major League Ball in Toronto:

When the Loons game began, it didn’t take long for me to get another ball. This one was a foul ball that almost brained me, as I was reading a plaque at the time:

A few innings into the game, a crazy storm dropped a ton of rain on the ballpark. The Loons grounds crew did a great job of getting the field ready, and the game was underway a little more than an hour later:

My next stop was in West Michigan to watch the Whitecaps. When I was shopping for some food at the Wal-Mart in Grand Rapids, this beer caught my eye:

In the Whitecaps team shop, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the team’s road cap, as it features my dad’s initials (and, yes, it also stands for West Michigan):

In the early innings of the game, I managed my second foul ball in two days:

Late in the game, there was an awesome sunset that I captured:

The next day, on May 24, I arrived in Detroit for two Tigers games. I stayed at the Greektown Casino Hotel and had an amazing view of the city and Comerica Park:

When I booked the hotel, I got a $10 voucher for the casino itself. I snapped this photo looking back at the hotel as I walked along a bridge toward the casino …

… where I quickly went up $5, cashed out and went back to my room. Take that, Greektown Casino Hotel!

A few days later, I set off to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to watch the TinCaps for a game at Parkview Field. The rain, which seemed to be a theme on my trip, was bonkers on this drive. The radio was blaring “take shelter” warnings, but I continued driving. In some places, the water was freakishly close to the road:

That’s not a river, by the way. It’s a farmer’s field. Yikes. In other places, the roads were completely flooded:

After Fort Wayne, I drove to a suburb east of Cleveland to watch the Lake County Captains. As I passed through C-Town, I managed a photo of Progressive Field, home of the Indians:

A self-portrait in Classic Park, home of the Captains:

Fast forward a month, and I was hitting the road for my second big trip of the summer, which first took me through Pennsylvania. Yes, rain was the theme again. This was my view on the way to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to watch the Yankees:

It wasn’t all rain, though. A day later, the sun was shining in Harrisburg as I watched the Senators play at their gorgeous ballpark. The visit was even better thanks to the two balls I snagged:

The next day, I visited Aberdeen, Maryland, to watch the IronBirds, which are owned by Cal Ripken, Jr. Here, I found the best ballpark food I’ve ever eaten: A crab cake sandwich:

On June 27, I hung out with Bryce Harper’s truck in Hagerstown, parked behind Municipal Stadium:

(If you want to read about my incredible adventure trying to get Harper’s autograph, click this link.)

The following day, I watched the Delmarva Shorebirds after snagging 12 balls during batting practice. The ball at the lower right of the picture, however, was out of my reach:

On the way out of Salisbury, Maryland on the way to Baltimore, I crushed some Sonic hot dogs for breakfast. I’d say it was lunch, but that’d be a lie. It was breakfast:

After my visit to Baltimore, I spent three days in the Washington, D.C. area for some Nationals games. Want to guess what the picture below is?

It’s the ceiling in the D.C. Metro, which I braved on two straight days.

My final iPod photo is the rather odd pathway to a bar in Vermont’s Centennial Field:

As I blogged about, you get the impression you’re in a forbidden area, but you’re not. You take the path between the two structures, walk through the facility’s batting cages and the area opens up into a bar called The Cage. Pretty cool.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ve got a ton more random content to share throughout the off-season. Please bookmark my blog and follow me on Twitter.


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