Game-Used Items

I’ve blogged a handful of times about the different items I’ve bought or otherwise obtained (through giveaways, not stealing!) at ball games.

In the last week, I’ve written about the caps I’ve bought and the shirts I’ve acquired.

Several months back, I shared stories and photos about a pair of game-used bats I got; read about the first one here and the second one here.

Today, I’ve got two game-used items that I think are pretty awesome.

The first is a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game-used player jacket. I visited Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in both 2010 and 2011, and loved the whole experience. When the team sold off its 2010 apparel at the end of the season because of a logo switch for the following year, every item was on sale. Big time.

Here’s the jacket …

… which I bought for $12.50. No joke. Regular price = $100. Sale price = $12.50. I bought the jacket online after the 2010 season, and part of me wonders if the item was priced incorrectly. After I bought it, the price shot up to $50, as I recall.

Anyway, you might wonder who wore it. Well, because Minor League players often share jackets as they move up and down through a team’s system, this jacket was worn by at least three players. You can see the numbers 4, 14 and 44 on the tag:

According to The Baseball Cube, these numbers belong to Brad Emaus (#4) and Bobby Bell (#14). There’s no one listed as #44, so I can only assume it was a Blue Jay on a rehab start on someone else who passed through quickly. Anyone have any ideas?

The second game-used item isn’t one I picked up last summer or the summer before, but it’s still worth sharing. In 2007, I got an Ottawa Lynx game-used jersey after the team sold off all its uniforms before moving to become the Lehigh Valley IronPigs of the International League.

Tim Raines, Jr. wore this Lynx jersey for a Halloween promotion. Here’s the front:

And here’s the back:

This summer, one of my goals is to buy another game-used item. I have no idea where or what at this point, but hopefully my game-used collection will grow.


  1. Craig Wieczorkiewicz

    Did you buy a game-used bat when you visited Parkview Field, home of the Fort Wayne TinCaps? There were several available for a reasonable price when I was there, and some of them were autographed, too.

    Game-used jerseys tend to be expensive, but I was able to buy a South Bend Silver Hawks one for only $30 last year. It was worn by pitcher Mike Bolsinger:

  2. Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

    Yep, I got a Ryan Skube bat in Fort Wayne:
    They had a great selection when I was there, too. And a bonus was the staff let me take it to my car (swinging it all the while, of course) and then return to the ballpark so that I didn’t have to lug it around. Parkview Field was awesome in every way!
    That GU jersey you got is really nice. I see Bolsinger got a sniff of AAA ball last year, too.

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