Website Update #1

If you’ve been following this blog for a period of time, you’ll know that it’s just one of my projects. My main project is my website, I use this blog to share my travel adventures and other information, and my website to share guides to every ballpark that I visit.

The process of compiling information for my website’s fan guides is fun, but it’s also time consuming. Right now, I’ve got comprehensive guides to 17 MLB and MiLB parks on my website, and I’m currently working on a handful of other guides that will be up soon. (The Portland Sea Dogs are next!) My goal is to have a new ballpark on my site each week.

Admittedly, it’ll take a while to visit every affiliated park, but in the meantime, my website is still a great resource if you’re planning a baseball road trip this season. Check it out and if I’ve written a guide to somewhere you plan to go, I guarantee you’ll find it helpful.

Each ballpark’s guide is broken down into several categories:

– The ballpark itself

– Getting to the ballpark

– Parking

– Finding your way around

– Where to sit

– What to eat

– How to get a ball

– Autograph tips

And for the Minor League parks, I’ve also written a brief history of each team.

On each park’s page, you’ll also see a list of the closest ballparks, which is useful if  you want to take in other games while you’re visiting the area.

As you check for the team of your choice on the home page’s menu, the team name will appear in light gray if I’ve written a guide to that ballpark. If it’s in dark gray, as most are at this point, there’s no guide just yet.

Lastly, please know that visiting my website really helps out. The more hits I get, the higher my site rises in Google’s rankings and the more money I earn that I can use toward future trips. I’ve got a lot of worthwhile ads on my site, including Holiday Inn — so if you’re planning to visit a new city, click the Holiday Inn ad and book your hotel right then and there.

If you enjoy reading about my travels, please bookmark my website and check it periodically. And if there’s a link that appeals to you, please check it out, too.

Thanks for your support!

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