Road Trip Goals Part II

A week ago, I blogged about five goals I have for my first road trip of the 2012 season for The Ballpark Guide. If you missed that post, check it out here.

My first day of travel, May 21, is rapidly approaching, so here are five more goals I hope to accomplish.

6. Be interviewed during a game broadcast

Not only would this be an awesome opportunity to spread the word about my website and this blog, it would be a lot of fun, too. Without being too much of a tease, I’ll have some great news to share about this goal very soon.

7. Get 50 autographs

This one might be a little challenging. Three of the games I’m attending are school days, which means the parks will be crawling with kids. I’ve got to average a little more than seven autographs per game to hit this goal, so it’ll be interesting to see how I manage. I don’t know exactly how many autographs I got last summer, but it was definitely at least 50.

8. Buy a hat

It sounds simple, right? But I’m a bit picky when it comes to hats. Last year, I bought a handful, which you can see here. I’m not sure which hat I’ll get on this trip, but I plan to add at least one to my collection.

9. Have my photo taken with a player

For all the autographs I get, I never stop to get a photo taken with a player. I think this would be a neat thing to have for my blog. I’ll obviously get a photo with Jeremy Nowak when I’m in Frederick, but I’ll try to get a photo with another player or two during my travels.

10. Have some unforeseen fun adventure

This is pretty vague, but one of the beauties of my road trips is that sometimes, I stumble into something unexpected and awesome. In Fort Wayne, the TinCaps GM gave me a personal tour of Parkview Field that included a visit to the clubhouse. At Salisbury’s Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, I retrieved Nowak’s first South Atlantic League ball that eventually got returned to him (as you probably know about by now!) and in Baltimore, I got to meet 1970 American League MVP Boog Powell:

Hopefully, something extra exciting will transpire, and I’ll be able to blog all about it!


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