I absolutely love writing an MLBlog, and I hope that enthusiasm comes through in each of my posts. I think it’s safe to say it came through in a 600-plus word post about a lineup card. (Hey, you say nerdy, I say enthusiastic.)

Every month, MLBlogs posts a list of its top-read blogs, divided into Pro, Fan and Beat Writer categories. Mine falls under the Fan category, and I’m pleased to announce that in June, I ranked 12th. In May, I was 11th. A top 10 spot in July? Let’s hope so!

Anyway, when I set out for my first road trip of the season back in May, the guys at MLBlogs were kind enough to feature me on the home page. I didn’t have a chance to blog about it then, but I took a screenshot and if you missed it, here’s what it looked like:

This was the first time I’ve been one of the featured blogs on the MLBlogs home page, and it was exciting. I spend a lot of time working on my blog and my website, The Ballpark Guide, so the plug was a thrill.

Then, last week, my blog appeared again — this time as a text link below a plug for Minoring in Baseball, a great blog about baseball travels:

Thanks to Mark Newman at MLBlogs for the support and thanks to you for reading! I hope I’ll be featured again, and I love checking out the site for links to blogs I might not have seen.


  1. barnharta11

    That’s awesome!! Congrats on making it on the main page! Your minor league road trip looked fun. Have you done all 30 MLB parks in a summer? I could use some advice!

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