Seeking Your Input

I’m currently working on planning my next road trip for The Ballpark Guide, which will tentatively begin the second or third week of August and last for roughly a week. I’ll share it as soon as I’ve got it finalized, but I can divulge that it’ll include some awesome stops! (I’ve also got another tentatively planned for the start of September.)

In the meantime, I’m asking you what you’d like to see more of (or even less of) in my travel posts. I get some great feedback and interaction with many of you, which I love. But I’m wondering if there are things I can do to make you enjoy this blog even more. I’ve got a handful of questions and would love if you could take the time to leave some responses in the comments below. Thanks!

– Food: My food photos seem to be pretty popular; do you want me to eat more at each ballpark and document it, or even show other stuff I’m eating on my travels?

– Autographs: When I get a media pass to a ballpark, I’m unable to get autographs. But if I don’t have a pass, do you enjoy reading about (and seeing) the autographs I get?

– Balls: One thing I enjoy doing is trying to get a ball at each park I visit. Is this something that’s fun to read about?

– Adventures: The term “adventures” is pretty broad, but it can include some of the cool things I’ve done, like being interviewed on-air, getting behind-the-scenes tours and more. I imagine most people enjoy this, but I’d love some feedback. Is there something you’d like me to try to do?

– Other: I’ve debated writing a little more about my actual travels. In the past, I’ve talked about some great hotels and even included a photo or two of some tourist destinations. Is this something you enjoy? If I check out a cool touristy thing, do you want it included in the blog post?

I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you. Please remember that you can support my travels by visiting The Ballpark Guide and checking out the guides I have posted. And if you’re planning to visit a certain park, check to see if I’ve written a guide for it. I can guarantee that reading it will help you get the most out of your visit.

There are other ways to help, too. If you really enjoy this blog or my website, please consider making a small donation to help with my travels. You can do so through PayPal and it’s quick and easy.

Finally, I always appreciate when people retweet this blog on Twitter and/or repost it on Facebook. Your support means a great deal.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much.


  1. Taylor

    Hey Malcolm –

    Glad to see another trip is in the works… in my opinion I would love to see more food items (in and out of the ballpark), I would forgo the media pass for the chance to get autographs… and I like how you snag a ball at each stadium… good luck and keep up the solid work on the blog

  2. Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

    Thanks for the input. During my recent trip to Rochester, I had a meal when I arrived and then later on, so perhaps I’ll do more of that in the future. The autographs are cool, but getting the media pass helps me save money on my travels. Maybe I’ll find a way to get both benefits at some point! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. jbubby

    I would take a picture of the scoreboard at every game you go to. I think it is interesting because all the scoreboards are different at the stadiums.

  4. Dylan

    You should show all the balls you get. I can recall posts that you’ve got a ton and you only show a few. More food, too. Oh and are you coming to Frisco anytime?

  5. Mateo Fischer

    1. I’m personally not too big of a food person, but if people like it, keep posting the pictures.
    2. I’d say just a picture and caption saying who signed the ball is enough.
    3. Again, a picture and how you got the ball should be enough.
    4. I think if you can get permission, this would be the time to turn on the video camera. I also think I’d much like to hear about the “adventures” of the ballpark. The only thing that you might have to deal with that I don’t is your trying to give an idea of what the ballpark would be like for any old fan- or are you trying to document YOUR experience here and giving a guide on your website? Your experiences may be atypical for the average fan to experience.
    5. I think this is definitely something you want to document. Unless a person lives in the town of the ballpark, they’ll be traveling in to see this ballpark and can always use some idea of what the surrounding area is like, what hotel to stay or not stay at, and what to do in their spare time.

    Finally, this last piece of advice comes not as a reader, but as a fellow blogger: you may want to weave in a link to guides you have on your website/past entries as much as can. So make comparisons between the ballpark you’re at and ballpark x, making sure to leave a link to the guide you wrote to ballpark x as well as maybe the blog entry from when you went there. It may help to expose readers who really like reading your stuff to other content they may not have otherwise come across if you didn’t give them the link.

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      I appreciate all this! Thanks for taking the time to write so much detailed information. You’ve given me a lot of great feedback and ideas for my next trip. As far as your one question, I try to make my website guides cater to the average fan, and talk to a lot of fans during each visit to try to identify a “typical” ballpark visit. My blog, meanwhile, is more about my specific visit, which might (as you say) include things that the average fan doesn’t experience.
      Thanks again!

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