August Road Trip Goals

Before my last road trip, I put together a list of 10 goals and then revisited them once I got home and shared how I did.

Having specific goals always adds to the fun of a road trip, and this time, I’m looking for your input.  I’m going to list another 10 below, but thought it’d be fun to see if you have any goals to suggest. Leave some ideas in the comments section and if there’s something I really like, I’ll add it to the list – and I’ll also provide a link to your website or blog.

1. Get to the top of the Green Monster

I’m not buying a Green Monster seat at Fenway Park, but somehow, someway, I want to get up there and take some photos. Any tips? I’ve got three chances to try to make it happen.

2. Eat something that cracks my ballpark food top 10

I think I’m going to have to create an all-time top 15 list after this trip, because I’ve had a ton of items that deserve a spot among the all-time best things I’ve eaten. As always, I’m hoping that this trip yields something memorable.

3. Buy something that says ‘Fenway Park 100 Years’

A big reason I’m choosing to visit Boston for the first time in 2012 is the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. I love the 100 year crest the team has on its jerseys, and definitely want some memento with this logo.

4. Get interviewed on one team’s broadcast

I was able to be interviewed twice on my last road trip (in Wilmington and Frederick) so I’m hopeful I’ll get on the air at least once during this coming trip. One team has already confirmed it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

5. Visit a bunch of touristy attractions

My last trip was so jam packed full of games in different cities that I didn’t have time to do anything but drive, watch baseball, blog and sleep. This schedule is less crazy, so I hope to do a see a number of tourist attractions. If you’re familiar with the areas I’ll be visiting, do you have any suggestions?

6. Visit 10 non-MLB/MiLB ballparks

I don’t focus on anything but MLB/MiLB parks on The Ballpark Guide, but during my travels, I occasionally like to stop to see other parks. I’m not talking about community diamonds, but rather NCAA/Collegiate League/Independent facilities. My trip takes me through a number of cities with these types of park, so I think hitting 10 should be easy.

7. Get 10 autographs

On my last trip, I only got one autograph, as I had media passes to every game and asking for autographs while wearing a pass is a big no-no. On this trip, I expect there to be a game or two in which I’ll just buy a ticket, so I’ll use those games to try for as many autographs as possible.

8. Buy at least one team’s hat

I didn’t buy any hats on my last trip, so I definitely need one this time. I’m eyeing a Connecticut Tigers hat, but we’ll see.

9. Get 10 baseballs

I always enjoy trying to get one ball from every park I visit, so I’ve set my goal at 10 total balls over the 10 games and nine parks I’ll see starting this week.

10. Have some unforeseen fun adventure

I listed this goal on my last road trip, and this happened. I have no idea what fun adventures I’ll get up to on this trip, but I hope to have something unique to share here.

The rest of the goals are up to you! Whether it’s something related to a specific ballpark or something more universal, please feel free to leave your suggestions below and I’ll see if I can accomplish them.

I’ll be hitting the road on Wednesday morning and will try my best to blog about each ballpark visit within 24 hours of it happening. In the meantime, I hope to provide a ton of updates and photos on Twitter, so please give me a follow if you don’t already.


  1. Craig Wieczorkiewicz

    I know you’re Canadian, but if you’re even remotely interested in U.S. history, check out the Freedom Trail in Boston. You need a couple hours to walk the whole thing, but there are more than a dozen historical sites related to the American Revolution along the way. (Most are free.) If you don’t have time for that or just aren’t interested, at least try to check out Boston Common. Enjoy your trip – I’ll be following along on Twitter, as always!

  2. baseballandadegree

    Great to see a fellow Canadian around, not sure if you’ve been before but you’re visiting a great part of the US. From my experience they are very strict in allowing people atop the monster, I showed up to a game at Fenway hours before the game and I wasn’t even allowed to peer over. As for good food check out the Fours Restaurant in downtown Boston, seafood chowder in a bread bowl is what I ordered if I remember correctly. If you do make it to the Fours, be sure to talk up the waiter/waitress. I told them I was Canadian and they took me upstairs where they have plenty of interesting sports memorabilia. Worth a try anyhow.

    Go on a Boston Duck Tour if you’re into touristy stuff, and head up to Bunker Hill if you’re into history. I also just recommend touring the city. I walked from Fenway back to my hotel downtown when there a few years ago, and found Boston is a city of beautiful old neighbourhoods and architecture. Even if you could just go for a drive, I found it to be a lovely city. Trip there is spectacular as well, take another hour and go through Vermont and New Hampshire if you can spare the time. I’ll be following your blog as you travel, best of luck.

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Thanks for all the great advice. I’ll have some free time in Boston, so I’ll definitely look into some of your suggestions. I haven’t been to the area before, so it’s all new for me.
      Thanks for reading. I plan to have a new blog entry daily.

  3. Mike

    Mateo, as a card carrying member of the nation i was just going to meet malcom in line and get him in as my guest, thus saving him $14.95 of his hard earned money. but, If you get the membership, you can go to the monster both days you are in boston

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