MLBlogs Top 100 and More

If you’re reading this post, thank you.

Thanks for checking out this blog, whether this is the first time you’ve stopped by or you’ve been reading about my adventures for years. Due to your readership, I’m thrilled to say that The Ballpark Guide placed 13th in the MLBlogs Top 100 for 2012, which has earned me this snazzy logo:


You can see this logo on the top of the menu on the right side of the page, where it’ll remain for the duration of the year. Back in 2011, I placed 34th, so I’m ecstatic about the jump up to the 13th spot. I normally finish between 10th and 15th in MLBlogs’ monthly rankings during the season, but slip back a bit during the off-season, as I’m obviously not taking baseball road trips. All this to say that an overall finish of 13th is really exciting. I’ve got my sights set on a top 10 spot in 2013, so please keep checking back. Also, if you click the Top 100 banner on this page, you’ll get a list of the top 100 MLBlogs, and you’re certain to find some great blogs to follow, regardless of where your baseball interests lie. There’s not a day that goes past in which I don’t read at least someone’s MLBlog, and there’s a lot of excellent content to enjoy.

Although 2012 was a great year for The Ballpark Guide, 2013 has been off to an exciting start, too. As some of you know, I studied journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and in the current issue of the school’s alumni magazine, there’s a photo and short write-up about me! Here’s the cover of the magazine, which features Muhammad Ali, one of my all-time heroes, which makes it extra exciting:


The write-up about me is in the Class Notes section, which is the section I always enjoy reading most. It contains various updates from different alumni:



Neat, huh? The photo above is one from Cleveland’s Progressive Field, during my visit on August 8, 2010.

But wait! I’ve got one last neat thing to share. A few months ago, a Portland, Maine law firm called Troubh Heisler got in touch with me because its staff had seen my fan guide to Hadlock Field, home of the Eastern League’s Portland Sea Dogs, and liked the panorama shot I’d taken. The law firm was in the midst of revamping its website and wanted to use the picture, given that it wanted banner shots of Portland scenes and the fact that it’s the Sea Dogs’ law firm.

So, if you go to the Troub Heisler website, you’ll see scrolling photos at the very top. Wait for a few to pass and you’ll eventually see the one I took. Or, if you’d rather see it right here, here it is:


And if you click the “Resources” link on the home page, you’ll come across a list of community resources and you’ll see The Ballpark Guide is under the “Special Recognition” header. Pretty exciting!

Anyway, thanks again for all your readership and comments. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that if you enjoy this blog, please check out The Ballpark Guide and tell your baseball-loving friends about it if you can. I know I’ve said it before, but your visits to my website help me pay for my trips, and I really appreciate all your support.

Here’s to an exciting 2013!


  1. Joshua McNeil

    Congrats on #13 and all of the other achievements! Any ideas on where you will visit this year? Hope to see you come down to the Florida State League. Good luck this year!

    -Joshua McNeil

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Hi Joshua,
      Thanks for reading. I’ve got some trips roughly planned out for 2013 but don’t plan to get down to Florida this year. Hopefully before long, though! I’ll post the details of my trips as the season approaches. I’m planning for May for the first one. I’m guessing you’re in Florida?

  2. Joshua McNeil

    Well, I’m 15, and we just moved to Florida from Arizona this past summer. We were just getting used to our new house, so I only went to one game. It was between the Jupiter Hammerheads and the Daytona Cubs, and I was able to get 24 autographs. Roger Dean Stadium’s bullpen is easily accessible, so I was able to get a lot of the guys in Jupiter’s bullpen. Jose Fernandez, the Marlins #2 prospect, was pitching, so I didn’t get his autograph, but I was able to get Christian Yelich.
    I was planning to go to a Dunedin game, but I had just got back from a trip that my sister and I took to Birmingham to visit my grandparents. My parents told me that I could go to a game the following week, which was the Cubs game. This year, I hope to visit at least 5-10 baseball games, including trips to Port St. Lucie to see the Mets and Miami to see the Marlins. I also hope to see my grandparents in Birmingham this summer, so hopefully I will get to see the new Barons facility. Any chance you might make it to Birmingham?

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Wow, 24 autographs is awesome. That’s another great thing about going to MiLB games. Hopefully you get to a bunch of games this year — seeing the new Birmingham park would be awesome. I don’t expect to get there this year, but you never know.

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Hi Mike,
      That’s really neat! I didn’t know you were into hockey, too. I knew a couple guys back in the day when went to Ferris State and Lake Superior State. And that’s cool about the Ryerson game. I don’t really follow the school’s athletics any more, so I didn’t know they’d played in the U.S. Thanks for the link!
      Counting down the days till Opening Day, as I’m sure you are, too. Any specific trips planned?

      • Minoring In Baseball

        Yeah, the Lakers were a power house back in the ’90’s, and I saw them win the National Championship out in St. Paul. Our first baseball game will be the Crosstown Showdown in Lansing, with the LugNuts facing MSU. In May, heading to North Carolina to hit every team there. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

    Wow, I didn’t know that about the Lakers. They’re Div. III, right? I’ve wanted to go to the Crosstown Showdown since I first heard about it. I think it’d be awesome. Does MSU use wooden bats in that game? I’m assuming they don’t in regular play. Wow, the NC trip sounds great! I was hoping to get to NC this summer but I think it might be next summer, now.

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