Wacky and Wild Search Terms

Lots of people who check out this blog are regular readers who visit once in a while or whenever I make a new post. Others find this blog by searching for something and coming across a page or image in their search results.

While I’m especially thankful for those who read what I write regularly, I’m always amused when I see the search terms people have used to find me. I’ve Tweeted some of them in the past, but have always wanted to put together a lengthier list of some of my favorite terms. Given that it’s the off-season, I thought now would be appropriate.

When it comes to people finding my blog, I’m forever grateful to this guy:


Without having watched Bryce Harper, met him and gotten his autograph …


… I’d have thousands of fewer hits. That’s because a ton of people have come across my blog by searching for Harper, and it’s not just him that people are after. Some common search terms?

– Bryce Harper truck

– Bryce Harper hair

– Does Bryce Harper have a girlfriend?

– Bryce Harper cleats

– Bryce Harper autograph

In fact, people have found this blog by searching for a total of 31 different terms, including those above, related to Harper. Also, four of my blog’s top eight search terms are related to him.

(For the record, while I blogged extensively about his truck and autograph, I’ve never mentioned his hair, cleats or whether or not he has a girlfriend.)

But it’s not just Harper that has drawn people here. The top five teams people have searched to come across this blog are the Lansing Lugnuts, Harrisburg Senators, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Sometimes, people are curious about ballplayers themselves. Aside from Harper, Justin Verlander, Jose Valverde, Rick Porcello, Jim Thome and Max Scherzer are the most-searched players for this blog.

People are also interested in the ballparks themselves, which is great, given that’s what this blog is primarily about. The top five searches are Metro Bank Park, Parkview Field, Alliance Bank Stadium, Rogers Centre and Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, with an honorable mention to Progressive Field.

Once in a while, readers come here not for a ballplayer at all. In 2011, I met Orioles head groundskeeper Nicole Sherry …


… and lots of people found me by searching her name.

Plenty of visitors have stumbled across me searching for Orioles prospect Jeremy Nowak, who was at the center of my most memorable adventures in 2011 and 2012:


(Some curious people even found the blog by searching “Jeremy Nowak salary.”)

And occasionally, terms I mention in passing bring people here — terms like Detroit abandoned buildings, Fox Theatre, Ferris wheel, Welcome to Michigan and sweet ride.

Other times, I see search terms that make me shake my head, as I’ve never written about them. Like what, you ask?

– Brandon Morrow wife

– Interview thank you card note or letter

– Golf carts for sale

– Inflatable sun mouth

– Bruce Wayne game-used bat

Some people have found me by searching in Spanish: De que ano es?

While others have stumbled here without being strong at spelling: Vermont Lake Monster suvenire

Some people have asked simple questions: Can you take cameras into Fenway?

And others have used terms that defy explanation: T-shirts design awwsome and brain injury and fort and back

This one made me laugh out loud: Stolen turkey sandwich

But it’s not as hilarious as this one: Balls coming down from sky at Fisher Cats game

Or this one: Are you normal or nuts?

I’m always keeping an eye on the wacky and wild ways people stumble across this blog, and I’m curious to hear any other bloggers’ odd search terms.


  1. Joshua McNeil

    I came across your blog when I looked up “Max Scherzer IP autographs”, because I was planning on getting a ticket stub autographed at a Tigers spring training game. I got to see him pitch when he was with the Dbacks in 2009.

  2. Nick Badders

    I’ve been compiling some of the funniest search terms for 7000 Coliseum Way as well, and have been slowly compiling an entry. I think my funniest ones include “Fat Man loves Skinny Man,” “Zack Hample breasts,” “600 Coliseum Way,” “Who the f**k is Nick Badders,” and “Nick Badders is not a baseball expert.” My top one s actually “Twitter Logo.”

  3. Married to Baseball

    This has probably became one of my favorite things about blogging because they always make me laugh! Lately many, many people have gotten to my site using the search term ‘baby zebra’. I do have a photo of one from a trip I took but the fact that its really got nothing to do with my blog overall cracks me up. Thanks for sharing your crazy search term list!!

  4. Joshua McNeil

    What kind of camera do you use? My camera isn’t the best at close-up shots of baseball players for some reason, and your pictures turn out really well. Do you get out onto field level?

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Thanks. I’ve been using a Canon PowerShot S3, but I’m buying a Nikon D3100 before I start traveling this season. The Canon isn’t the most amazing camera by any stretch, but I’ve used it a lot and am pretty comfortable with it. I shoot most of my close-ups from the 100 Level; I try to get to the front rows when I can, but I don’t always. The key is good light and keeping your hands steady, especially when you’re zooming. Was there a shot in particular you liked? If you provide a link, I can tell you how I got it.
      What camera do you use?
      Thanks for reading,

  5. Joshua McNeil

    I use a Nikon Coolpix. I thought the shot of Michael Taylor with the P-Nats was really good, and there were others that I liked. My camera isn’t really as good as yours, but I thought I might need to make an investment on a better one as I get older.

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Thanks. That’s one of my favorite photos, too. Although I’m not sure exactly which Coolpix model you have, it should be good for most photos. I find action photos can be challenging, especially in low light. The best advice I can give is to get as close as you can to the action. Even with my camera, my photos will be somewhat grainy when I shoot from far away. Your pic of Bill Lee, for example, is really good.

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