I’m on a Professional Baseball Jersey!

When I was a kid, I dreamed that one day, my name would be on a professional baseball jersey.

It took a while, but it’s finally happened!

OK, so it’s not exactly what I dreamed about. But I’m still pretty excited.

This spring, I read that the Fort Wayne TinCaps would be wearing a special social media jersey for a game in June. Promo jerseys are nothing new in the minor leagues, but this one made me take notice — it would feature the Twitter handles of all 6,000-odd of the team’s followers. Awesome, right?

I started following the ‘Caps on Twitter early in 2011, before I visited Parkview Field in May of that year. That visit still ranks as one of my favorite ballpark experiences, and you can read all about it here. The highlight, though, was this: During the game, TinCaps general manager Mike Nutter introduced himself and gave me a lengthy tour of the ballpark, including a stop in the clubhouse and tunnel next to the dugout. I’ve semi-kept in touch with Mike via Twitter since then, and I sent him an excited tweet upon hearing about the social media jersey. He responded right away, assuring me I’d be on the jersey, and that was all I needed to hear.

While it was temping to travel to Fort Wayne in June to watch the game and bid on a game-used jersey, I restrained myself and waited till the one-of-a-kind items came on sale that month. I bought one online and when it arrived last week, I excitedly tore open the package and unfolded the marvelous-looking jersey:


See how the team’s name is “@TinCaps,” rather than just “TinCaps?” Super cool.

And, in keeping with the social media theme, check out the logo on the right sleeve:


And check out the special commemorative badge noting the date the jerseys were worn:


Once I’d marveled at the look of the jersey, the lengthy process of finding my Twitter name began. I was also keeping an eye out for Craig Wieczorkiewicz’s Twitter name. You hopefully know Craig as the Midwest League Traveler, and he and I have been excitedly exchanging tweets about this jersey for a couple months. I spent the afternoon searching for both names at regular intervals. I’d stop when I was a little cross-eyed and resume a short time later.

No luck.

Later that evening, I was showing my wife the jersey and we both looked for a few seconds before she pointed out a Twitter name that included the word “baseball,” and groaned, “Ah, I thought that was you!” I looked in the direction of where she was pointing and somehow managed to immediately spot my name, @BallparkGuide:


It turns out my name is on the front of the jersey, roughly below the “a” in “@TinCaps” and between the fourth and fifth buttons. (I know you were wondering.)

I’m still busy scouring the jersey for Craig’s name and am having fun noticing the other MiLB clubs and people I’ve met on Twitter.

And that brings me to my next point: Is your Twitter name is on the jersey? Would you like to know where it’s located and get a picture of it? I’m happy to help. All I’m asking in return is to support my baseball road trips by making a small donation to The Ballpark Guide, and then I’ll track down your name and get in touch with you.


    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      I think you had to be following the TinCaps before the season started. I’m not positive of the actual cut-off date, though. When did you start following them? If it was in-season, you won’t be on there, as far as I understand.

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