A Major Website Is Using Two Of My Photos

Even though my priority when I travel for The Ballpark Guide is to document the parks themselves, I’m always eager to get a chance to snap some action photos when I’m able. The minor leagues are ideal for action photos, of course, because you can get extremely close to the field — and some of my favorite action shots came back on the last day of the 2014 MiLB season in Jamestown, NY. You can read all about that experience at this link; it was a memorable one because it was a doubleheader that would serve as the last two games in the history of the New York-Penn League’s Jamestown Jammers, who moved to West Virginia after the season.

Anyway, I ended up taking more than 500 photos over the course of the doubleheader, and most of them were individual shots of players. Afterward, I connected with a bunch of players on Twitter, sent many of them my photos by email and some of the guys even started using my shots as their Twitter profile or header images, which was super cool.

One guy I shot on this day was D’Vone McClure, a fourth-round pick of the Indians who was playing for their Mahoning Valley affiliate. As I crouched beside the dugout on the Mahoning Valley side of the field, McClure looked in my direction for a few moments while he was on deck — and this meant that I could get a bunch of shots of him from just a few feet away. This shot, in particular, isn’t an “action” shot per se, but it’s one that I really liked:


I started following McClure on Twitter after the game and he even followed me back. I tagged him in some of my photos and he sent me his email address so I could send him the originals. I’ve been eagerly hoping for McClure to rise through the ranks of the Indians system, but that hasn’t been the case. He played just nine games last season and was released by the Indians during spring training of this year.

But the good news is that we all might to get to watch McClure again — on TV on Saturdays.

The former outfielder, who was also a standout wide receiver in high school, just committed to the University of Arkansas to play on its football team — and that’s where my photos come into play.

Late last week, Danny West, a reporter who covers the Razorbacks for Rivals.com, contacted me and asked to use a photo of McClure that I’d taken on that day in Jamestown for an upcoming article about McClure committing to the U of A. I sent him the shot I posted above, as well as a couple others — and he ended up using two of them!

Check out Danny’s story here to read all about McClure’s path from the minor leagues to Div. I football, or take a look at this screenshot that uses my photo:


Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve had a few different news organizations use my photos over the years, and it’s always a thrill.

Speaking of thrills, I’m almost ready to announce my latest ballpark trip, so keep an eye out for that!


    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Tom. I just checked out your blog and it’s awesome! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

      I’m planning to visit Hartford for a couple Yard Goats games this season, but not on my first trip. Maybe July, I’m thinking at this point.

      How many lineup cards do you have in your collection? I’ve got a couple — one from the Wilmington Blue Rocks and one from the Detroit Tigers. You can click on either of those links to see pictures of the cards, if you’re interested.

      Looking forward to sharing my next trip’s itinerary soon!


  1. oemtom

    Thanks. 78: 58 of the “dugout” lineup cards, along with 18 “official batting order” cards and two “relief pitcher usage” cards. None are as nice as the Tigers lineup card you have. That’s the holy grail we continue to chase! I look forward to hearing what ballparks you will be heading to, and then reading about them after the trip!

    • Malcolm - TheBallparkGuide

      Wow, 78! That is one heck of a collection. Do you buy most of them or get them handed up to you? I have to admit that I’ve bought both. I think the Wilmington one was $2 but the Tigers one was pretty pricey. I got it because it was a unique item for my collection and the Jays and Tigers are my two favorite teams.

  2. oemtom

    We haven’t spent any money on any lineup cards. I’ve been tempted a couple of times, but have avoided it so far. Of course, the money we pay to go to the games, including travel, adds up!

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