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August Road Trip Goals Revisited

This year, I decided that before each of my road trips, I’d blog about a list of goals that I hoped to accomplish. I did pretty well on my May road trip goals and in case you missed it, listed some goals for my August road trip, too.

I’m largely pleased with how I did goal-wise on this trip. It would’ve been nice to knock off a couple more, but I always try to create some challenging goals to keep things interesting.

Here’s a recap:

1. Get to the top of the Green Monster

Woo hoo! This was the biggest goal for me, and I was lucky to accomplish it. One awesome reader of this blog, Mike, offered to take me up to the Monster as his guest. (Thanks again, Mike!) That didn’t work out, but I was able to take a Fenway Park tour, where I made it all the way up top:


2. Eat something that cracks my ballpark top 10

The jury’s still out on this one. Plus, I’m going to unveil my new top 10 (and possibly top 15) in the new year, so you’ll see the details then.

3. Buy something that says ‘Fenway Park 100 Years’

I really like this logo and was glad to get this hat. I also got one additional thing featuring the logo, which I’ll include in my post about clothing that I got this summer.


4. Get interviewed on one team’s broadcast

This didn’t work out, unfortunately. But, I’m excited to say that I’ve already got one on-air interview loosely scheduled for 2013!

5. Visit a bunch of touristy attractions

I hit a number of cool places in Boston and a few other areas. I’m going to blog about those adventures in the new year, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of me before I boarded the U.S.S. Constitution in Boston:


6. Visit 10 non-MLB/MiLB ballparks

As I recently blogged about, I visited four of these parks on my trip, so I fell short of the 10 I’d hoped to see. Seeing 10 was definitely doable, but it was pretty time consuming, so I decided to scrap this goal early on.

7. Get 10 autographs

I thought I’d have better luck with this goal, but all I managed were three autographs from the Futures at Fenway game:


8. Buy at least one team’s hat

I really wanted to get a hat on this trip, and after I bought my Futures at Fenway hat, I decided to pass on a second hat. So, I didn’t really accomplish the goal, but I still got a hat, so I’m happy.

9. Get 10 baseballs

I’m not a ballhawk, but I do like to try to get a ball whenever I can. I’m happy to say I accomplished this goal with 13 balls:


10. Have some unforeseen fun adventure

Aside from getting up onto the Green Monster, two things stand out from this trip:

a) Sitting in the Lone Red Seat at Fenway Park:


b) Writing my name on Pesky’s Pole: