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Look what I just received

A couple days ago, I went to the mailbox and saw a nondescript envelope addressed to me. I got the impression it was some sort of junk mail wanting me to sign up for a credit card, but I opened it anyway.

Instead of junk, it was this:

Awesome! I usually buy tickets at the box office before the game, but since there’s no shipping charge for tickets bought online, I figured I’d give myself a fun day at the mailbox.

This ticket goes well with this one, which arrived a few days earlier:

I bought low-end tickets for both games, and I’ll see how easy it is to move from section to section. I know what the ushers are like at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, but I’ve heard Detroit’s ushers at Comerica Park aren’t too bothersome. So, if I need a more expensive ticket, I’ll buy it for my second game in each city.